The 10 cast members of MTV’s Ex On The Beach season 5 will be facing a total of 14 exes who will be walking onto the beach for a few weeks of vacation, reconciliations, and drama. It was uncertain whether or not EOTB would return after the show faced a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Fans expected that it was only a matter of time for season 5 to come out, while others feared that MTV wouldn’t renew the series for another cycle.

In 2020, Ex On The Beach season 4 was labeled Peak Of Love as the network experimented with a slightly different format for the series. Instead of the usual beach backdrop in either Malibu, CA or Gran Canaria, Spain, season 4 was shot in the mountainy region of Queenstown, New Zealand. For season 5, though, EOTB is returning to its original form and going back to basics. The upcoming cycle was shot in Spain, so it’ll feel a lot like past seasons of Ex On The Beach.

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Furthermore, just like in past seasons, a lot of reality TV fan-favorites have been cast for this new season. As is the tradition, the season will include anonymous cast members and exes, but there are a lot of contestants with previous experience in reality TV as well. From Big Brother to Love Island to Too Hot To Handle, MTV will have a star-studded cast for Ex On The Beach season 5 that’ll surely get reality TV viewers to tune into the season and keep up with each new episode.

Alain Lorenzo’s Exes

One of the anonymous cast members who will be featured on EOTB season 5 is Alain Lorenzo. On his Instagram (@alainlzo), the Miami native identifies as a college student currently in law school, as well as a weight lifter. With that said, Alain happens to have dated Love Island USA season 2 star Sher Suarez for some time, so they will now get a chance to hash things out on MTV. For context, Sher was introduced on Love Island as one of five girls from the dread – and beloved – Casa Amor twist. Sher temporarily coupled up with Calvin Cobb and then with Jalen Noble, but she ultimately went home about 10 days later.

Arisce Wanzer’s Exes

Arisce Wanzer rose to fame when she appeared on the limited Oxygen series Strut, which featured six transgender models trying to make it in the fashion industry. The show featured Pose actress Dominique Jackson as well as singer and reality TV personality Laith Ashley. During her time on Ex On The Beach, Arisce will confront her ex Mike Mulderrig, who’s best known for being a YouTuber and appearing on Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.

Bryce Hirschberg’s Exes

Bryce Hirschberg and Nicole O’Brien met on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle season 1 and dated for some time, but that relationship ultimately didn’t work out in the long run. Now, Bryce will get to spend some time vacationing with Nicole and see if there’s still something between them after all. With that said, the cast members chosen for Too Hot To Handle typically describe themselves as being “players” or bad at relationships, so fans might not get their hopes up about this couple getting back together.

Da’Vonne Rogers’ Exes

Da’Vonne Rogers has a very long reality TV resume that includes Big Brother 17Big Brother 18Big Brother 22: All-StarsThe Challenge: Final Reckoning, and The Challenge: War Of The Worlds. Now, Da’Vonne will bring her charisma to EOTB, where she will face her ex-boyfriend, Big Brother Canada 8 star Jamar Lee. Dedicated BB fans were aware of Da’Vonne and Jamar’s relationship, but many fans were unaware of how serious – or how long – that relationship actually turned out to be. Not one to hold her tongue, Da’ will likely keep things real, like she always does.

David Barta’s Exes

Paradise Hotel season 1 heartthrob David Barta has also joined the Ex On The Beach season 5 cast. Surprisingly, David happens to have dated quite a few women who were attached to other TV shows. His exes on EOTB will be Kathryn Dunn from Big Brother 21 and Danielle Cohen from Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? As far as Kat is concerned, Big Brother viewers will remember that she had a brief showmance with Jackson Michie during their season. The eventual BB21 winner then ended his relationship with Kat and started a new showmance on the show with Holly Allen.

Derynn Paige’s Exes

Derynn Paige had a very interesting journey on Double Shot At Love season 1. As she tried to pursue a relationship with Jersey Shore stars Pauly D or Vinny Guadagnino on the show, she actually found love with a Chippendales dancer called Ricky Rogers – a.k.a. Pretty Ricky – who made a guest cameo on Double Shot At Love. Now, Derynn and Ricky will actually get more time and space to explain their relationship on reality TV and see if there’s still a future for them together.

Jonathan Troncoso’s Exes

Jonathan Troncoso electrified viewers with his dancing abilities on World Of Dance season 3, but he is now going to focus on his dating life on Ex On The Beach. On the show, Jonathan will come face-to-face with his ex-boyfriend Joelle Brian. Unlike most of his costars, Joelle doesn’t have a reality TV background prior to EOTB.

Kyra Green’s Exes

Kyra Green and Emily Salch both went into Love Island USA season 1 pursuing a new relationship with one of the guys. But as it turns out, Kyra and Emily identify as bisexual and dated for some time after Love Island. They will now get to spend a vacation with a rather diverse selection of men and women, so it’s hard to predict how Kyra and Emily’s journeys will play out on Ex On The Beach.

Ranin Karim’s Exes

Many viewers look forward to watching reality TV exes facing off on EOTB, but Ranin Karim will enter the show as an anonymous contestant. Her ex, Elias Abreu, is also an anonymous individual. Ranin and Elias will now be surrounded by big reality TV stars, so one can bet that they’ll be tempted to explore other relationships on the beach rather than to reach a reconciliation between them.

Ray Gantt’s Exes

The cast member with the highest number of exes coming into EOTB season 5 is Ray Gantt. Ray first appeared on Love Island USA season 1, where he started to date Caro Viee and placed third at the finale by her side. The couple dated for a while and were even cast as a pair for The Amazing Race season 33. However, production on TAR was paused due to the pandemic. By the time filming picked back up, Ray and Caro didn’t return as they had already broken up. Besides Caro, Ray’s other exes on Ex On The Beach will be two women without any prior experience in reality TV: Alexis Christina and Nicole Amelia.