Alone is a reality show that airs on The History Channel and features survivalists who are dropped in remote locations and have to survive as long as they can with limited resources and no human contact. The show premiered in 2015 and has aired 10 seasons so far.

The 10th season of Alone premiered on June 8, 2023 and featured 10 survivalists competing in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada, a harsh environment with predators such as black bears, wolves and moose. The survivalists had to endure bone-chilling temperatures and face off against some of the largest animals in North America. They were allowed to bring 10 survival items each and enough camera gear to self-document their experiences. The last person standing would win $500,000.

The 10 survivalists who participated in season 10 were:

  • James “Wyatt” Black, a business owner from Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada
  • Cade Cole, a professional hunting guide from Crowheart, Wyoming
  • Lee Ray DeWilde, a pilot from Huslia, Alaska
  • Mikey Helton, a carpenter from Rome, Georgia
  • Luke Joseph Olsen, an entrepreneur and glass artist from Maui, Hawaii
  • Jodi Rose, owner of Wild River Tables from Worland, Wyoming
  • Ann Rosenquist, an off-grid organic farmer from Northern Wisconsin
  • Melanie Sawyer, a living history teacher and founder of Wild Foods from Essex County, New York
  • Alan Tenta, a high school teacher from Columbia Valley, BC, Canada
  • Tarcisio “Tax” Ramos Dos Santos, a direct support professional, musician and homesteader from Becket, Massachusetts and Sergipe, Brazil

The show depicted the survivalists’ daily struggles, such as finding food, water, shelter and fire, as well as coping with isolation, injuries and mental breakdowns. It also showcased their skills, strategies and creativity in overcoming the challenges they faced.

The show received positive reviews from critics and viewers who praised it for its authenticity, suspense and inspiration. It also won several awards, such as the Critics’ Choice Real TV Award for Best Competition Series.

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Alone Alone Season 10 Survivor

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Alone Season 09
Alone Alone Season 10 Survivor

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