In the past year, a “new era” of Survivor came about, bringing twists and turns on the formula that has kept the show afloat for over 20 years. And with two seasons in the rearview mirror, in season 43, a new group of castaways have begun on the 26-day adventure of a lifetime, hoping they’ll be the next one to join the winner’s circle.

Read on to find out everything we know about Survivor season 43, including when the new season premieres, who is in the cast and much more.

When does Survivor season 43 start?

Survivor 43 will premiere on Wednesday, September 21. It will air a two-hour episode which, given the nature of the premieres for the previous two seasons, will feature two contestants voted out of the game.

The show will then follow up with a 90-minute episode the next week on September 28. This will be the first time in the show’s history that it will air a longer second episode.

When is the finale of Survivor 43?

Survivor 43 has yet to announce a finale date. However, if we’re assuming it runs the same schedule for seasons 41 and 42, it should happen at some point in December.

When did Survivor season 43 film?

Filming for Survivor 43 is assumed to have begun in late April to early May. Like seasons 41 and 42, it’s expected to have filmed for only 26 days, a marked departure from the 39 days in many seasons that came before.

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