Entering The Circle as a single-and-ready-to-mingle contestant has always had its advantages — whether it’s the truth or not. Just ask Season 2 winner DeLeesa, who played as a single-dad spin on her IRL husband Trevor, for proof. But what happens when everyone in The Circle is supposedly on the market (including a returning fan favorite)? Get ready to find out on Wednesday, Dec. 28, when Season 5 premieres, hosted by Michelle Buteau — with a new romantic twist, as teased by the trailer.

The new season of the reality competition, officially called The Circle: Singles, will follow players who claim to be romantically available as they jockey for popularity with their sequestered co-stars. Some of these competitors will be telling the truth, and others will be strategically catfishing as a singleton, all in the hopes of winning Season 5’s cash prize. Shubham “Shubi” Goel, who thrived in The Circle Season 1, will be one of those game players. You can expect more flirting, more drama and lots of surprises as these singles battle it out to be named top influencer.

Get ready to unleash that winky emoji (or even the purple devil) this December — we’re all going to need it. Watch the trailer above for all the loved-up “anarchy” ahead.

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