Gogglebox Australia is one of Australia’s best-loved shows with our favourite armchair critics giving us their unfiltered opinions when they watch TV.

And, 2022 is certainly starting in style, as fans will get to see more from our favourite households when the show returns to Foxtel for Season 15.

So, when can we watch it? Who are the Gogglebox Australia cast, 2022? And is there a Celebrity Gogglebox Australia too?

Here’s everything you need to know about the new season!

When is Gogglebox Australia back on TV?

The 15th season will start with a bang on Wednesday, March 9 at 7.30pm on FOXTEL.

Is there a Celebrity Gogglebox Australia too?

Yes, to celebrate the new season of Gogglebox Australia, there is one special episode of Celebrity Gogglebox Australia, just before Season 15 starts.

You can watch famous faces including, Hamish Blake, the Irwin family, Dave Hughes and Matt Preston on Wednesday March 2 at 7.30pm on FOXTEL. For more information about the stellar celeb line-up, click here. 

Who are the Gogglebox Australia cast for 2022?

Good news! The fantastic Delpechitra family from Sydney make an exciting return after missing one season during Covid lockdown.

“We missed the quality family time that came with filming. We also missed having an excuse to watch a bizarre range of TV shows. It feels awesome to be back, we are all super excited,” daughter Vestal says.

We are also welcoming back all three generations of the Silbery family as Emmie and Kerry are joined, once again, by Isabelle on the couch at her mum’s home.

And, yes, Jad is back in real life! Last season, he had to video call with Matty, Sarah Marie, their son Malik and dog, Bane, during each episode due to lockdown restrictions – but not anymore!

They will be joined by Melbourne grandparents Lee and Keith, Greek best friends Anastasia and Faye, the hilarious Dalton family and everyone’s favourite brother and sister, Tim and Leanne.

We’ll also see Gold Coast surfers Milo and Nic, Sydney art experts Mick and Di, along with the ever-funny, Adam and Symon.

Sadly, we will say farewell to Kaday and Chantel and the Elias family who aren’t returning to the show.

Here are the Gogglebox Australia cast, Season 15, in full:

  • Mick and Di
  • Anastasia and Faye
  • Lee and Keith
  • The Dalton family
  • Matty, Sarah Marie and Jad
  • Milo and Nic
  • The Delpechitra family
  • The Silbery family
  • Tim and Leanne
  • Adam and Symon

Gogglebox Australia, Season 15 starts on Wednesday March 9

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Gogglebox Australia Season 15
Gogglebox Australia Season 15

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