Celebrity Game Face is back and better than ever.

The Kevin Hart-hosted E! series returns for a third season on Tuesday, June 21, bringing with it a star-studded lineup of contestants, including Keke Palmer, Saweetie, T-Pain, Jimmy Kimmel, Cedric the Entertainer, DJ Khaled, and Julie Bowen.

As always, Kevin and his wife Eniko Hart will lead the stars in a series of hilarious games—or as the comedian himself once put it, “outrageous challenges designed to test their mind, body and soul”—promising the winning team money for the charity of their choice, as well as prizes like Kevin’s face on renaissance artwork or a giant, gold baby that serves as the Hart of a Champion trophy.

Just how outrageous are these challenges? Look no further than the above sneak peek. As part of the first look at Celebrity Game Face season three, the teams of two can be seen sticking stripping their shirts off, plunging their hands into ice buckets, mooning the camera, and, of course, accusing each other of cheating.

At one point, Kevin even brings out a gavel to bang on. “Order in the court!” he says while staring down Amanda Seales. “Amanda, you stand accused of a homemade sex tape.”

But before she can defend herself, Amanda is implicated by her own partner, James Bland. He shouts, “Guilty!” to which she replies, “Only one time!”

The most surprising comment, however, comes from none other than Jay Leno, who tells Amanda, ” I think I saw that on PornHub.”

Awkward! Thankfully for Amanda, she’s not the only one being put on the spot. Also set to appear on the new season of Celebrity Game Face are Brie and Nikki Bella, Jeff Ross, Seth Green, Will.I.Am, Jimmy O. Yang, Wayne Brady, Gabriel Iglesias, Taran Killam and so many more.

See what’s to come—including new games dubbed “Cake Heads” and “Sounds Fishy”—by watching the complete Celebrity Game Face trailer in the above clip.

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