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What camouflage suit to choose?

The art of merging with the terrain has been used by mankind for a long time, but only on the hunt, when it was necessary to track down the prey. In the army, such techniques were not used, because the battle was fought at very short distances, and the scouts managed with improvised means or dressed in civilian clothes. Everything changed on the verge of the 19th-20th centuries, in the Anglo-Boer War.

In the First World War, the once-hunting suits of Gillie entered the arena. It was from this moment that the first camouflage suit appeared, which was actively used by scouts and lone shooters.

However, before the Second World War, their use was limited, the production was too expensive. Winter camouflage coats began to be actively used in the 30s of the last century, because everyone could make a white cape using an ordinary sheet.

The traditional camouflage uniform that we are used to seeing on military personnel differs significantly from camouflage kits, because they are worn over clothing, have a more spacious cut, and their fabric is thinner. And besides, costumes have many different varieties, which allows you to choose and buy it for a specific landscape.

Camouflage suit – types and differences

First of all, a camouflage suit is selected according to the season, its winter and flight options are distinguished. Which already then have specific designs.

You can buy a camouflage suit for winter in the form of a set of pants and a jacket or a poncho cape. The first is more practical, as it completely hides the entire silhouette, the second is more convenient if you need to quickly remove camouflage or gain access to equipment details. The colors can be different, solid white or with a certain type of camouflage, such as the modern multicam alpine or schneetarn of the Bundeswehr.

Summer models are more diverse since the conditions of the warm season have more differences.

Form kits with camouflage properties. They can be dressed like a uniform, have a looser cut, which allows you to “blur” the human silhouette. They often have loops for additional fastening of vegetation taken from the field.

Gillie is a more specialized camouflage suit that, when properly selected, completely hides the fighter among the vegetation. It consists of pants and a cape to which pile or camouflage strips of fabric are sewn.
Examples are kits like “Kikimora” or “Goblin”.

Camouflage ponchos. They are made according to the gilly principle, but they can be put on or taken off more quickly. The first and last options are more used by scouts or special forces units, but “shaggy” suits are mainly equipment for snipers and observers.

Buy a camouflage suit

You can buy a camouflage suit of various types: summer and winter, sets or capes. The company also offers ready-made options such as ghillies or camouflage uniforms with the possibility of attaching vegetation elements.

Camouflage kits have good camouflage properties, which they do not lose even during long-term use in extreme conditions.

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