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The Circle US Season 03 Episode 10 Watch Free Online

The Circle US Season 03 Episode 10 Watch Free Online Descriprion

A Circle Divided
James brings Jacki up to speed on what has happened in The Circle in the time he has been there. The two main alliances left in The Circle (James, Kai and Daniel on one side; Nick, Ashley and Isabella on the other) each try to bring Jacki to their side before the other alliance does, resulting in her receiving simultaneous group chat invites from the two trios and choosing James’s group over Nick’s. Jacki later explains the situation to Nick to clear the air with him.

After being the top two players in the latest ratings, James and Nick become influencers, having to choose one player to block.

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The Circle Netflix Season 03

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The Circle US Show Descriprion

WHAT Is The Circle?

A reality show hosted by comedian Michelle Buteau that involves contestants being trapped in a large apartment building, where they are essentially in a popularity contest and can communicate only through social media. This means that the players can fully pretend to be other people and catfish each other.

WHAT Is the Prize?

The Circle is an absolutely deranged concept for a show, so perhaps you’re wondering why any human being would voluntarily subject themselves to this. Allow me to tell you: (1) the promise of fame, duh, and (2) a $100,000 cash prize—if they win. (Oh, and the Fan Favorite receives $10,000.)

HOW Do You Win?

Contestants on The Circle are forced to rate their fellow players, and then the top-voted people (aka the “influencers”) vote to “block” (aka eliminate) their fellow contestants until there’s just one person left with the highest rating—who gets to take home $100,000! Alliances form; friends, enemies, and frenemies are made—basically, you’re getting paid to live out a social media nightmare on national television, it’s casual.

If all this sounds intriguing to you, please be advised that Netflix has old episodes of The Circle season 1 available for you to stream, and The Circle season 2 is currently airing weekly. Happy chaotic viewing!

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