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90’s Party Surprise
Before she left, Parker/Paul was given an opportunity to meet another player face-to-face, she ultimately chose to visit John/Carol learning that he is a catfish. The next morning, Parker/Paul left a video message to the rest of the players, revealing that she is a catfish. Alyssa started a chat with Jared. New players, Rachel who enters the game as herself, and Alex who enters the game as “frat bro” Nathan, enter the game and set up their profiles. Rachel was allowed to start a group chat with two other players, she chooses to message Emma and Melanie/Jared and Yu Ling. Alex/Nathan was allowed to start a chat as well, he chose to message Bru and Frank. That night, The Circle threw the players a “90’s Party”. Emma and Melanie/Jared received a special alert, telling them that the other players will learn that Emma and Melanie are behind one of the profiles in the game, but they will not learn which profile. Both Emma and Melanie were tasked with visiting the “Inner Circle” to reveal their presence in the game to the players.

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The Circle US Show Descriprion

WHAT Is The Circle?

A reality show hosted by comedian Michelle Buteau that involves contestants being trapped in a large apartment building, where they are essentially in a popularity contest and can communicate only through social media. This means that the players can fully pretend to be other people and catfish each other.

WHAT Is the Prize?

The Circle is an absolutely deranged concept for a show, so perhaps you’re wondering why any human being would voluntarily subject themselves to this. Allow me to tell you: (1) the promise of fame, duh, and (2) a $100,000 cash prize—if they win. (Oh, and the Fan Favorite receives $10,000.)

HOW Do You Win?

Contestants on The Circle are forced to rate their fellow players, and then the top-voted people (aka the “influencers”) vote to “block” (aka eliminate) their fellow contestants until there’s just one person left with the highest rating—who gets to take home $100,000! Alliances form; friends, enemies, and frenemies are made—basically, you’re getting paid to live out a social media nightmare on national television, it’s casual.

If all this sounds intriguing to you, please be advised that Netflix has old episodes of The Circle season 1 available for you to stream, and The Circle season 2 is currently airing weekly. Happy chaotic viewing!

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