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The World Championship Tournament continues with the left side of the bracket. Eight more teams must fall before the final 16 robots are set, and tensions are reaching their boiling point inside the arena. As the squads look to carve out their paths to the Giant Nut, the action inside the BattleBox is more perilous than ever. The most elite field ever assembled has been shrunk down to the best of the best. No bot is safe from a potential upset, and one of these squads might be kickstarting the run of a lifetime and become the next BattleBots champion.

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BattleBots Show Description

BattleBots is a reimagined take on the killer robot combat sport, from Whalerock Industries and the creators of the original BattleBots franchise, Ed Roski and Greg Munson. The homemade robots are back for season two, where they will battle against each other in a single elimination tournament until there is one champion. The ten episode series will feature next generation robots – bigger, faster and stronger than ever before. The show will continue to emphasize the design and build elements of each robot, the bot builder backstories, their intense pursuit of the championship and the spectacle of the event. While there’s only one weight class, there are a huge variety of deadly weapons. Forty-eight robots will enter, but in the end, only one will win the final trophy.

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