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Alone in the wilderness, the participants are settling into the extreme conditions on the South Island of New Zealand.
Cold winds, temperatures hovering around zero, relentless sandflies, and some of the highest rainfall on the planet are just some of the challenges they face.
But there are plentiful fish in the freshwater lake, and wild game such as deer and boar that can be hunted with a bow and arrow. Will the participants adapt to their new home?

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Alone Show Summary

Now that a gripping season of Survivor Australia has wrapped, it’s time to take a shot of concrete and tackle Alone Australia.

ABC RN’s Stop Everything! presenter Beverley Wang describes this docuseries as “one of the most extreme shows on television … this show frankly makes Survivor look like a walk in the park”.

Her co-host Benjamin Law, fresh off his own stint on Survivor, says: “You would assume that having done Survivor, I would be up and prepared for something like this. But as soon as I watched this, I’m like: ‘No, I would absolutely not do this.'”

After nine US seasons and a number of Scandinavian iterations, Alone has finally taken shelter here in Australia.

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