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Survivor South Africa Season 8 Episode 13 Watch Free Online

Survivor South Africa S08E13 Available after release date August 26 2021

Survivor South Africa Season 8 Episode 13 Descriprion

Anela was left stunned that Chappies saved him with the Tribal Council Pass, someone who kept on breaking trust against him throughout the merge. Chappies and Tyson continued arguing into the night upon returning to Osindile however. The next morning, Tyson and Kiran solidified allegiences with Anela, forming a League of Shadows, to work against Santoni and Chappies.

Reward Challenge: Standing on a tapered beam, each tribe member must balance a statue on top of a long pole above their heads. At regular intervals, they must move down the beam to narrower and narrower sections. If their statue falls, or they step off their beam, they are out of the challenge. The last person standing wins reward.
After Nico explained the Reward challenge, he surprised Osindile with their loved ones who’d help them set up the challenge. Chappies and Tyson quickly became the last two remaining in the challenge, with Chappies winning his third individual challenge in the end. Nico then announced to Chappies that his reward was not who to pick to have an afternoon with their loved ones alongside him and his wife, but the opportunity to pick his two challengers in the upcoming immunity challenge, leaving the other half of the tribe with no chance back at camp. He chose Anela and Santoni to compete with him the next day. After the challenge, Osindile were given the opportunity to bring all their loved ones back to camp to enjoy a Build-Your-Own Burger braai to unwind and celebrate their reunions.

Towards the end of the afternoon, Kiran spotted a pouch above a strategically placed logo by the reward’s sponsor. He asked Nicole’s brother for help to retrieve it, unbeknownst to only Chappies and Santoni.

Immunity Challenge: Each with a grappling hook, the three tribe members competing in the challenge must throw their hooks to retrieve a ring containing a ball. Once they have acquired their ball, they can attempt a pulley maze. The first tribe member to land their ball in the middle of the maze wins immunity.
With Chappies immune again, the League of Shadows put in work for the tribe to think that they were targeting Santoni at Tribal Council. Meanwhile, Kiran and Tyson considered blindsiding Nicole, as she’s done well in endurance challenges before. Anela felt uncomfortable with alienating his ally and the Zamba jury members with the move, so he approached Chappies, Nicole, and Santoni with the possibility of flipping the vote onto Kiran for being a strategic threat. While Nicole revealed her Fire Idol to the foursome, Santoni pushed for a 2-2-2 split to avoid idols and fire-making, making Anela feel like his move against Kiran was being taken over by Santoni. This led to Anela revealing his plotting to a dumbfounded Kiran shortly before Tribal Council.

Angered by what he felt was amateur gameplay, Kiran began Tribal Council airing out Anela’s confession, blowing up the outsiders’ plans. Berated by Kiran for betraying their trust, Anela tried to explain that Kiran’s plans to target Nicole was a bad move for his own game, so he wanted to make a move for himself. Tyson piped in to also berate Anela for his betrayal, calling it a poor attempt at making a big move. Santoni attempted to interject to point out Kiran’s own betrayals in the past, but Kiran then turned his ire against her for turning on alliances and turning people against him in the game. At the vote, Anela stuck with the League of Shadows that outed his game to send Santoni to the jury, but the outsiders continued with their own plan, with Nicole playing the Fire Idol after Kiran played his new Hidden Immunity Idol. Tyson, the only other person to receive valid votes, squared off against Santoni in a fire-making duel, where Tyson finally managed to eliminate Santoni and send her to the jury.

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Survivor South Africa Season 8 Watch Online

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Survivor South Africa Show Summary

Survivor South Africa is a South African reality game show based on the popular international Survivor format.

As in all versions of the show, it features group of strangers who are marooned in an isolated location, where they must provide food, water, fire and shelter for themselves. The contestants will compete in challenges to earn either a reward, or an immunity from elimination. The contestants will be progressively eliminated from the game as they are voted-off by their fellow contestants until only one remains and is given the title “Ultimate Survivor” and be awarded the grand prize of R1 million.

The first five seasons of the show were produced by Endemol and broadcast on M-Net. Since Season 6, the show has been produced by Afrokaans Film & Television.

The first two seasons were hosted by Mark Bayly, and from the third season Nico Panagio took over the hosting duties.

Survivor South Africa Format

The show follows the same general format as the other editions of Survivor. To begin, the players are split into two or three tribes, are taken to a remote isolated location and are forced to live off the land with meagre supplies for a period of several weeks. Frequent physical and mental challenges are used to pit the tribes against each other for rewards, such as food or luxuries, or for immunity, forcing the other tribe to attend Tribal Council, where they must vote one of their tribemates out of the game by secret ballot.

About halfway through the game, the tribes are merged into a single tribe, and challenges are on an individual basis; winning immunity prevents that player from being voted out. Most players that are voted out during this stage become members of the Tribal Council Jury. When only two or three players remain, the Final Tribal Council is held. The finalists plead their case to the Jury as to why they should win the game. The jurors then have the opportunity to interrogate the finalists before casting their vote for which finalist should be awarded the title of “Ultimate Survivor” and wins the grand prize of R1 Million.

Like other editions of the show, the South Africa edition has introduced numerous adaptations, or twists, on the core rules to prevent players from over-relying on strategies that succeeded in prior seasons or other editions of the show. The titular Island of Secrets and the upcoming Immunity Island, and non-playing Captains in Champions, kidnappings, tribe expansions and shuffles. Voting advantages and disadvantages, and in the first season, Panama introduced a Deadman’s Island where contestants voted out after the merge was isolated from the game until an opportunity to return arose.

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