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Due to Lee calling them out, Ashleigh and Christopher were now seen as the next targets. Ashleigh tried to assure Tinuke and Leilani that she was loyal to them, which was met with a begrudged acceptance, as Tinuke felt wary of Ashleigh after Lee told her Ashleigh had targeted her. This was solidified by Pegleg proposing to the tribe that they should split the vote between the pair, met with a mostly unchallenged agreement.

Immunity challenge: The players swam under a steel grate and stayed above water. As the tide rose, the players ran out of breathing room. When the fear of drowning became too much, that person bailed out. The last person remaining under the grate won immunity. “Last Gasp” challenge from Survivor: Palau.
Pegleg won the challenge and upon returning to camp, Ashleigh and Christopher scrambled to find numbers, but were met with no one willing to help. They realised a vote split plan was to happen. At Tribal Council, Christopher played his immunity idol and the vote split plan was successful as Ashleigh was voted out of the game, becoming the 2nd jury member.

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Survivor UK Show Description

Survivor UK is a British reality TV show based on the international Survivor format, where a group of contestants are marooned in an isolated location and compete for a cash prize and the title of Sole Survivor. The show has aired for two seasons on ITV in 2001 and 2002, and is set to return for a third season on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in late 2023. The new season will be hosted by Joel Dommett and feature 18 contestants from across the UK.

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