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The Challenge USA Season 02 Episode 13 Description

The Treason For The Season

With the final close, one player must face their greatest fear in a terrifying challenge. Then, a double elimination forces allies to turn on each other and leads one player to consider a shocking betrayal before the most brutal elimination yet.

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The Challenge USA Show Summary

The Challenge: USA is a spin-off of the long running reality television series The Challenge. It is scheduled to premiere on CBS on Wednesday, July 6, 2022.


The Challenge: USA features cast members from CBS’ reality shows: Big Brother, Love Island, Survivor and The Amazing Race.

In February 2022, a new series of international seasons was announced to air later in the year. The series is expected to comprise four new editions of The Challenge which includes The Challenge: USA, along with three international versions for Australia, Argentina, the UK.. These local renditions are expected to be followed by a fifth series in which winners compete again on another season titled The Challenge: Global Championship, which is also expected to air on Paramount+.

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