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SF EP 3 (Semifinal 3 & 4)


Place Name Profile Winning Competitor Notes
Semifinal 3
Women’s Matchup 1
2nd Madelyn Madaras H.S. Student Madelyn Madaras Anna fell on the Slingshot.
7th Anna McArthur H.S. Student
Men’s Matchup 1
12th Isaiah Wakeham Videographer Grant Kiningham
13th Grant Kiningham
Men’s Matchup 2
10th Sebastian Chrismer Middle School Student Sebastian Chrismer Digest. Grant fell on the Sideways. Sebastian continued and failed on the Slingshot.
15th Grant McCartney Flight Attendant
Men’s Matchup 3
8th Joseph Rouse H.S. Student Joseph Rouse Both fell on the Slingshot. However, Joseph reached the obstacle first.
17th Nick Hanson
Men’s Matchup 4
9th Karsten Williams Ninja Coach Karsten Williams Abel fell on the Slingshot. However, this happened after Karsten hit the buzzer.
16th Abel Gonzalez
Men’s Matchup 5
6th Isaiah Thomas Isaiah Thomas Digest. Forest fell on the Slingshot.
19th Forest Strick
Women’s Matchup 2
1st Isabella Wakeham College Student Sandy Zimmerman Isabella fell on the Flying Shelf Grab. Sandy continued and failed on the Slingshot.
8th Sandy Zimmerman Motivational Speaker
Men’s Matchup 6
7th Kyle Soderman Kyle Soderman Digest. Sylas fell on the Slingshot.
18th Sylas Snider
Men’s Matchup 7
3rd Benjamin Drake Chick-Fil-A Worker Benjamin Drake Digest. Elijah fell on the Flying Shelf Grab. Benjamin continued and failed on the Sideways.
22nd Elijah Levee
Men’s Matchup 8
5th Cal Plohoros Cal Plohoros Simba fell on the Flying Shelf Grab. Cal continued and failed on the Sideways.
20th Simba Jones Social Media Influencer
Women’s Matchup 3
3rd Clarisa Morris Fitness Trainer Clarisa Morris Cailin fell on the Sideways. Clarisa continued and failed on the Slingshot.
6th Cailin Jewell
Men’s Matchup 9
11th Jonathan Bange Jonathan Bange Digest. Ian fell on the Sideways.
14th Ian Dory
Men’s Matchup 10
2nd Vance Walker H.S. Graduate Vance Walker Digest. Erick fell on the Slingshot. However, this happened after Vance hit the buzzer.
23rd Erick Zamorano College Student
Women’s Matchup 4
4th Rachel Brown Security Guard Barclay Stockett Rachel fell on the Sideways. Barclay continued and failed on the Slingshot.
5th Barclay Stockett
Men’s Matchup 11
4th Jody Avila HVAC Technician Jody Avila Digest. Deion fell on the Beehive. Jody continued and failed on the Slingshot.
21st Deion Butler U.S. Army Specialist
Men’s Matchup 12
1st Daniel Gil Motivational Speaker Daniel Gil Daniel fell on the Sideways. Gary fell on the Beehive.
24th Gary Weiland Firefighter
Semifinal 4
Men’s Matchup 1
8th Enzo Wilson Enzo Wilson Kyle fell on the Sideways.
17th Kyle Schulze Engineering Student
Men’s Matchup 2
7th Flip Rodriguez Flip Rodriguez Johnny fell on the Slingshot.
18th Johnny Brown
Men’s Matchup 3
3rd Alex Romer High School Student Alex Romer Digest. Both fell on the Flying Shelf Grab. However, Alex reached the obstacle first.
22nd Matt Kalanz Army Strength & Conditioning Coach
Men’s Matchup 4
5th Ethan Bartnicki Ethan Bartnicki Digest. DC fell on the Sideways.
20th DC Banks
Men’s Matchup 5
9th Nacssa Garemore Student Nacssa Garemore Isaiah fell on the Slingshot. However, this happened after Nacssa hit the buzzer.
16th Isaiah Lee
Men’s Matchup 6
6th Elijah Browning Enteprenuer Elijah Browning Roberto fell on the Slingshot.
19th Roberto Garemore
Women’s Matchup 1
1st Zhanique Lovett Personal Trainer Zhanique Lovett Digest. Dara fell on the Home Run. Zhanique continued and failed on the Slingshot.
8th Dara DePoalo Gym Owner
Men’s Matchup 7
1st R.J. Roman Gym Owner R.J. Roman Digest. Daniel fell on the Beehive.
24th Daniel Osmer Semi-Pro Football Player
Men’s Matchup 8
11th Brett Sims 12-Time ANW Veteran Brandon Thomas
14th Brandon Thomas
Men’s Matchup 9
4th David Bergstrom-Wright Nanny David Bergstrom-Wright Digest. Josh fell on the Sideways. David continued and failed on the Slingshot.
21st Josh Heman-Ackah
Men’s Matchup 10
2nd Caleb Bergstrom Gym Owner Caleb Bergstrom Digest. Jason fell on the Slingshot.
23rd Jason Grossman Medical Sales Manager
Women’s Matchup 2
3rd Caitlyn Bergstrom-Wright Ninja Coach Ashley Bergstrom Both fell on the Slingshot. However, Ashley reached the obstacle first.
6th Ashley Bergstrom
Men’s Matchup 11
10th Ryan Stratis Commentator Austin Hair Digest. Both fell on the Sideways. However, Austin reached the obstacle first.
15th Austin Hair Former Pro Wakeboarder
Men’s Matchup 12
12th Bob Reese Social Media Content Creator Vinnie Castranova Digest.
13th Vinnie Castranova
Women’s Matchup 3
4th Emma Pereyra H.S. Student Emma Pereyra Digest. Jeri fell on the Beehive. Emma continued and failed on the Slingshot.
5th Jeri D’Aurelio
Women’s Matchup 4
2nd Jessie Graff Jaleesa Himka Jessie fell on the Sideways. Jaleesa continued and failed on the Slingshot.
7th Jaleesa Himka

Top 12 Male Competitors

Place Name QF EP QF Place Result Notes
Semifinal 3
1st Vance Walker 7 2nd Clear (00:52.99) Digest.
2nd Isaiah Thomas 3 6th Clear (1:08.33) Digest.
3rd Kyle Soderman 7 7th Clear (1:48.63) Digest.
4th Grant Kiningham 3 13th Clear (2:00.59)
5th Karsten Williams 7 9th Clear (2:14.56)
6th Jonathan Bange 7 11th Clear (2:21.63) Digest.
7th Sebastian Chrismer 7 10th 5. Slingshot (00:36.43) Digest.
8th Jody Avila 3 4th 5. Slingshot (00:54.40) Digest.
9th Joseph Rouse 3 8th 5. Slingshot (1:00.43)
10th Daniel Gil 3 1st 4. Sideways (00:20.63)
11th Cal Plohoros 7 5th 4. Sideways (00:22.79)
12th Benjamin Drake 7 3rd 4. Sideways (00:28.24) Digest.
Semifinal 4
1st R.J. Roman 4 1st Clear (00:48.76) Digest.
2nd Elijah Browning 4 6th Clear (00:53.89)
3rd Nacssa Garemore 4 9th Clear (00:56.14)
4th Caleb Bergstrom 8 2nd Clear (00:57.56) Digest.
5th Ethan Bartnicki 8 5th Clear (1:08.26) Digest.
6th Enzo Wilson 8 8th Clear (1:28.08)
7th Brandon Thomas 4 14th Clear (1:33.01)
8th Vinnie Castranova 4 13th Clear (1:37.81) Digest.
9th Flip Rodriguez 8 7th Clear (2:04.51)
10th David Bergstrom-Wright 4 4th 5. Slingshot Digest.
11th Austin Hair 4 15th 4. Sideways Digest.
12th Alex Romer 8 3rd 2. Flying Shelf Grab Digest.

Top Two Non-Winners

Place Name Profile Result Notes
Semifinal 3
13th Isaiah Wakeham Clear (2:05.24)
14th Erick Zamorano 5. Slingshot (00:58.09) Digest.
Semifinal 4
13th Brett Sims Clear (1:42.62)
14th Bob Reese Clear (2:29.24) Digest.

Top Four Female Competitors

Place Name QF EP QF Place Result Notes
Semifinal 3
1st Madelyn Madaras 3 2nd Clear (3:02.97)
2nd Barclay Stockett 7 5th 5. Slingshot (1:16.37)
3rd Clarisa Morris 7 3rd 5. Slingshot (1:34.41)
4th Sandy Zimmerman 3 8th 5. Slingshot (1:41.75)
Semifinal 4
1st Jaleesa Himka 4 7th 5. Slingshot (1:01.40)
2nd Ashley Bergstrom 8 6th 5. Slingshot (1:21.93)
3rd Zhanique Lovett 8 1st 5. Slingshot (1:31.58) Digest.
4th Emma Pereyra 8 4th 5. Slingshot (1:56.41) Digest.

Safety Pass Race

Place Name Profile Winning Competitor Notes
Semifinal 3
1st Vance Walker H.S. Graduate Vance Walker First competitor to win Safety Pass multiple times.
2nd Isaiah Thomas
Earned the Safety Pass: Vance Walker
Semifinal 4
1st R.J. Roman R.J. Roman
2nd Elijah Browning
Earned the Safety Pass: R.J. Roman

American Ninja Warrior All Seasons

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American Ninja Warrior Season 15 Watch Online

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American Ninja Warrior Show Summary

American Ninja Warrior (sometimes abbreviated as ANW) is an American sports entertainment competition based on the Japanese television series Sasuke. It features hundreds of competitors attempting to complete series of obstacle courses of increasing difficulty in various cities across the United States, in hopes of advancing to the national finals on the Las Vegas Strip and becoming the season’s “American Ninja Warrior.”

To date, only Isaac Caldiero, Geoff Britten, and Drew Drechsel have finished the course and achieved “total victory”. Caldiero and Drechsel are the only competitors to win the cash prize. The series premiered on December 12, 2009, on the now-defunct cable channel G4, and airs now on NBC with encore episodes showing on NBCSN. Since 2020, the show also airs on Spanish-language network Telemundo.

American Ninja Warrior History

In late 2006, the American cable channel G4 began airing broadcasts (subtitled in English or dubbed with English commentary and re-titled Ninja Warrior) of the Japanese sports entertainment television special Sasuke.[8] Coinciding with this, the channel held the first American Ninja Challenge, in which Americans gained the opportunity to be sent to compete on Sasuke. Over time, the semi-annual Sasuke broadcasts on G4 gained a cult following in the United States and eventually became some of the channel’s most-watched broadcasts. This led to the creation of the American adaptation of the show, American Ninja Warrior, in 2009. American Ninja Warrior followed American Ninja Challenge as the qualifying route for Americans to enter Sasuke.

Since the fourth season, American finalists compete on a nearly-identical finals course on the Las Vegas Strip not traveling to Japan to compete on Sasuke. NBC began broadcasting the city finals and national finals episodes in the fourth season.

By the fifth season, G4 was set to be replaced by Esquire Network and had wound down all original programming—besides American Ninja Warrior—by January 2013. Notably, the sideboard advertising along the fifth season’s courses listed Esquire Network as the broadcaster because G4 was going to transition into Esquire Network by April 22, 2013—prior to the season premiere. However, the channel switch was delayed to September 23, 2013, and Esquire Network took over Style Network’s channel space instead. As a result, NBC became the sole broadcaster of the original episodes while Esquire Network aired reruns until the eighth season.

American Ninja Warrior Presenters

During each episode, the play-by-play announcer and color commentator provide play-by-play on a competitor’s run on the course while the sideline reporter introduces the obstacles and interviews competitors.

American Ninja Warrior was originally hosted by G4’s Blair Herter and Alison Haislip.

In the second season, comedian and television host Matt Iseman joined the show, replacing Herter. Producers were fond of his knowledge of sports and lighthearted, enthusiastic delivery. Additionally, MMA fighter Jimmy Smith was brought in as co-host while Haislip was assigned to the new sideline reporter position. The panel remained the same throughout season three. For season four, Olympic medalist Jonny Moseley was brought in as the new color commentator, replacing Smith. Producers believed his experience as a freestyle skier would bring a unique perspective to the series. Meanwhile, sportscaster and television presenter Angela Sun replaced Haislip.

For season five, two newcomers were introduced. Sports analyst and former NFL player Akbar Gbaja-Biamila replaced Moseley, while ESPN sportscaster and model Jenn Brown replaced Sun as sideline reporter.[20] Gbaja-Biamila was contacted to audition for the role of co-host in Los Angeles after being seen on the NFL Network by one of the series’ executive producers. The season five panel remained the same through the sixth season.

For season seven, CBS Sports reporter Kristine Leahy joined the show as the new sideline reporter, replacing Brown, and remained on the show through season 10.

Iseman and Gbaja-Biamila returned to host the eleventh season along with new sideline reporter Zuri Hall.[23] For season 12, the panel remained the same, as it will for the thirteenth season.

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